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Add Support for HTC QualComm Chipset


Over the course of three years, GPS.NET 2.0 was tweaked and revised to widen its support for GPS devices. This went well until phones containing the QualComm chipset were released (e.g. AT&T Tilt, HTC TyTn II, P3300, Samsung Omina). This proved to be very troublesome for GPS.NET 2.0 due to buffer sizes. You see, the QualComm chipset requires a small buffer size when opening a connection in order to work properly.
This issue has been resolved in GPS.NET 3.0, whose much-simplified architecture made support for the HTC QualComm chipset trivial. GPS.NET 2.0, however, is locked into an older architecture, making support for QualComm more challenging (when you also don't want to break support for existing devices.)
It would be very helpful to developers if they could use GPS.NET 2.0 yet also have support for QualComm implemented. In the meantime, developers must re-engineer their projects to GPS.NET 3.0 to support HTC/QualComm devices.